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Loan Questions

The answers below address common questions about personal loans.

A personal loan is a loan that is not taken for a specific purpose but can be used for any particular requirement. Usually, a personal loan is repaid in monthly installments and can be used for numerous purposes and even replace other debt. Unlike other loan instruments, you just need your proof of identity and evidence of a source of income to get your application approved.

We have a clear mission of providing access to credit for everyone. We understand your requirements and work day and night to find the best solution for your needs. Although, credit processing depends on a variety of factors including income, state, age, etc. We are finding new lenders and methods for you every day. There have been thousands of cases in which customers with bad credit have received a loan, and with the appropriate information, it is possible that you can also get your loan amount.

A short-term loan is the quickest and easiest way to fulfill urgent requirements. It is used at times when you fall short of a small amount of money in your planned budget. We usually get many unexpected requirements like sudden medical bills, repair of things, and other financial emergencies that can be solved using a short-term loan.

You can request for any amount between $100-$5000. The amount you receive is although dependant on a number of factors including age, credit history, your lender, state, job, income, and few other factors. Everyone is not eligible for $5000, but with appropriate factors, $5000 is also possible easily. In case you do not qualify for your accepted loan amount, you might be eligible for a shorter loan amount. In such a case, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen and apply for the smaller amount.

After you successfully submit your information online, our software begins the process of connecting you with a lender online. Once your information matches a prospective lender, you will be re-directed to a lender website automatically where you can complete the procedures and get your loan amount. The process of connecting you with a lender depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to age, income, state, credit history, etc. In case the software is not able to find a lender for you with the information provided, we will look for further information from your end in order to find other solutions to your requirements. As you know that we are not a lender, the exact terms and conditions of your loan will be presented to you by your respective lender website.

After successfully filling out the information on our website, you are re-directed to the lender’s website. You will find all the information on the lender’s website, and you can quickly fill out the information, and your funds are released after signing the loan agreement. Usually, funds are made available in your account as early as the next business day.

Most of the lenders offer alternative repayment options and other extension modes in exceptional circumstances. We would advise you to contact your lender directly for your requests and all the available options.

The time period of your loan repayment depends on the lender you are connected with. All personal loans are usually repaid between 12 and 60 months. If you have chosen short term loans, you will probably have to repay it on the next payday.
Every loan term and condition is set by the lender and depends on a variety of factors, including age, income, job, state, and a few others. We are not a lender, so you will get all this information with your specific lender, but every of our partner lenders has favorable terms for your requirements. You must get all the information required by you before getting your loan amount.

The lender that we will connect you to will provide all the information regarding the annual percentage rate and other terms and conditions. We are not a lender, and we work with a number of lenders, so the terms, conditions, and rates depend on the lender to lender. We strongly advise you to read all the information, terms, and conditions on your loan agreement carefully before signing the contract.

The qualification criteria depend on a number of factors, including age, income, state that you are living in, personal information, and other factors. Some of the states in the USA restrict more than one short-term outstanding loan. But, you can check your eligibility quickly by filling out the information.

General Questions

These are the common questions asked about CenturyLoan

CenturyLoan puts a lot of focus on security and uses industry-standard security protocols. To make sure that your information is safe and secure, we use enhanced 256-bit data encryption technology. This technology protects all the information that you are filling out on the website.

CenturyLoan is a service-based company that connects potential borrowers with prospective lenders. We are not a lender ourselves and just connect you with our vast network of lenders. All the services provided by our company to connect you to prospective lenders are free of charge.

You will get to know everything about the loan from the prospective lender that we will connect you to. The loan agreement is prepared and signed with your lender, so the lending company is in a position to answer all your queries.

We accept all loan requests 24x7 on all days. Unlike conventional banks, our network of lenders is open at all times. You can quickly fill out the information on our website at any time of the day and get connected to a prospective lender. You will receive all the information about the loan on the lender’s website and you can get your loan processed within minutes.